Well it's a new year


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Feb 10, 2006
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and it would appear I have a new cold!
yay for me!
What a wonderful way to start of the new year...

hopefully its short lived
anyway, LP, hope you get better soon. got a slight cold myself.
It would appear that nothing has changed at all, neither my marital state (so I am definitely NOT single), nor my parental state (good!!!), nor my health (has not failed me much in 2007, also good!), nor the ... sigh! ... weather :grumpy:...

But the YEAR OF THE GERMANY MEET UP has arrived! Yay!

More people make up their minds (definitely) to come, please!!!
Bugger. I thought I had a chance with you then, Corina. I'll just go back to dreaming about you instead then. Where did I put the Nytol?
Well, you might want to reconsider once you are here in May and see me ... maybe after that you NEVER want to go to sleep any more for FEAR of myself coming into your dreams!!! :shock:

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