We're Gonna Be Friends (video/photography)


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Nov 28, 2011
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Here's a video I made for a contest at my university that will be shown on the jumbotron at a football game if I win. The theme was diversity so I came up with the idea of "different, but the same" in terms of going to the university. So hence the photographs.

Unfortunately this isn't the ACTUAL video I'm going to enter because it's too long and it uses copyrighted music, so I'll have to do some serious revisions. This was just because I thought the song fit well with the whole premise.

I only used a reflector/diffuser for all of the photographs because I wanted as much uniformity in the photos as I could get, and because most of the people in the video are strangers that I randomly asked for photos of. Yes...I know that you can the reflector in one of the photos lol

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