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What am I doing wrong?

It is hard to say on the composition without seeing a color version and some details of how you got here. WHAT is wrong is that in #1 too much contrast, too little shadow detail in both, blown hilights in the first, and a lack of range in the second.
Well the first one doesn't look B&W. There's a bluish tint, but I like the shots.
^^^ yes. it is common for this to happen when a clipped greyscale image is converted back to RGB without color management.

I have had problems uploading greyscale profiled images to flickr, it's better to just convert to sRGB before uploading..
The shadows are blocked (have no detail), the opposite of blown (no detail) highlights.

In #1, having the part of the building facing the camera would have been better than the back lighting.
Or, you could have made a B&W from a HDR so the shadows retained some detail.
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