What are you doing to make your customers feel appreciated?


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Sep 18, 2003
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Ive been reading a lot of marketing advice lately about making your customers feel appreciated and going the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

So I was just wondering what you all do to achieve this.

Do you send them a thank you letter a week or so after they receive their order?

Do you call them to make sure they are satisfied with their order?

Do you send them a birthday/anniversary/Christmas card?

These are all things I'm thinking of doing. In 2012 I plan to fill out a Christmas card envelope after every portrait so all I have to do in November is put a personalized card in it and drop it off at the post office. I intended to d this the last couple of years but then got to busy in November to actually do it. :) Perhaps slip an incentive in there as well.

For good customer service I try to respond to my customers the same day if they email me or leave a message. For the picture viewings I can probably step it up and make a pot of coffee and get some snacks in.

Im looking forward to seeing what you all do. :D

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