What bag to use?


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Apr 27, 2014
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I have a Canon 7D2 with the sigma 70-200 lens. I want a bag that I can leave the lens on to transport from location to location. It is a pain to have to take off and put back on. Not to leave lens on all the time but just to move from one location to another. What does everyone use with about the same set up?
I use a Lowepro backpack. Slings aren't deep enough and neither are messenger bags.
I think the lowepro backpack is a great one
There are many bags that would fit your camera & lens while attached. As mentioned, many backpack style bags would work but larger box shaped shoulder bags would work as well. Of course, there are plenty of roller/travel style camera bags, most of which would be big enough, but maybe too big & heavy for an 'everyday' bag.

If you have a well stocked camera store near you, go in and have a look at their selection of bags. I believe that you really should get your hands on a camera bag before making a decision about it.

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