What Christmas presents will you give for friends and family?

Well if it is family that I like, I will tell them Merry Christmas! If I don't like them, I will glare at them, but I will not hurt them! :)

I think those are good gifts. :)
Tech boy, I will have to look up those items. I have never heard of them, and my name is no where near being 'tech boy' :)
Sorry to say, I send the 20-30 yr old nephews just gift cards in the mail..
And lots of kisses and hugs xox
Treadmill, exercise clothes, vacuum, and pots and pans
The wife handles that thank God. If it were me, they would get cash. However, I do buy the stuff for the kids. I really take my time and pick out educational gifts for the young ones. The hit one last year was the venus fly trap plant for the grandson. They grew and watched them all year but they recently died because he started giving them tap water as opposed to distilled is what we figured. The grandson is getting a Rasberry PI kit with LED board, box of simple Lego's (build case), some cell phone screens, and some other goodies to spend hours with grandpa making cool stuff.

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