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Jul 11, 2013
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Want to know what you think of the photo as always but more importantly to improve my own skill I want to hear what techniques, settings, etc. you would've used in this situation. I'll warn you the story is more interesting then the photo. I had been waiting for sunset as there is a lake nearby I was going to try to photograph with the sun setting behind it. But I go outside and there is a strange looking storm coming in from the east, right when the sun settings it looked really neat, but its was also moving really fast. I got like 5 mins if I want the storm's edge in a picture. So I jump in my car and try to get to something to shoot with this kind of sky behind it...my yards not real impressive. Not going to make it to my lake in time so the first thing I reach is this church. By this time its beginning to rain on me so I attach my point and shoot to a cheep tripod run out in the field set up and I get 3-4 shots before the rain really picks and I have to cover my camera and head for the car. Personally I like the shot but it has a sort of fog from the rain or light distortion in the middle that irritates me. Besides cropping out a parking lot I didn't do any post editing because I wanted critique. So with minimal time to set up and knowing your not going to have much time to shoot what would you have done?
Looks like *maybe* the lens is not 100% CLEAN...almost as if there might be a smudge or smear on the lens. In this situation, I would have used a longer lens, or moved closer, or both, and focused more on the church's spire, and the cross on top, and had less building. I would have shot it as a tall.

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