What Do You Do??


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Jul 17, 2003
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So what does everybody do here to make money in this world?

p.s. My name is Jason, I'm 31 engaged and a father to be. I studied photography for 2 years at University of Nevada Reno, then became an assistant for a local photographer (Jeff Ross). I did not like commercial photography!! So now I own TNT Yard Service...mowing, cleaning etc...yes I mow lawns. And I sell some of my art at a local gallery.
I'm a courier (40 hours a week) and on thursday evenings and saturday
I got me own record store.

My name is Eric btw, and I'm 23 years old.
I'm a network administrator for a credit union, definitely not the most exciting job!

Anyone out there from the Los Angeles area looking to hire computer guys?! :D
I do tech support for the university of phoenix. I'm so burnt out on tech support it's not even funny. Before I was a network engineer at a DSL company. That was a much better job.

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