What do you guys think about this picture

looks blurry and over saturated
HDR? tone it down... way over processed
Not sure if the lack of sharpness is due to the processing, or from the light splaying out. Seems the glass & colors are blurry, while the rest is sharp.
As others have already said, sharpness whether a focus issue or not, is not very pleasing. Colors are way over saturated. Not sure I really like your composion as the various angles just seem to wander all over the place. Perhaps you tried to accomplish too much with one photograph.
post the original(s)
post the original(s)

As a Shootout!
Wooooo nelly way overdone. I know stained glass can bring out a bit of a glow but you should try to desaturate a little in PS. Also I agree with Joel_W composition is not that great. The angle is not attractive. You should go back and try to get a better angle where the stained glass is center down the top middle and the two walls filling up the frame on both sides.

What I do like about this is that it looks like a very nice ceiling and with a little more time and composition and processing you could have a really great shot.
I'm thinking you need a wider lense and a different vantage point here to find an angle more appealing from a composition standpoint.

Your subject is quite interesting and a superb situation to utilize HDR.

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