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Jan 11, 2023
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What do you guys think of this picture?
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I think you are attempting to get free advertising on a photo forum, but that's just what I think.
If you were trying to get the three identical white cars positioned together I think it's not bad. Good seeing a subject.

I'm not sure if you were perfectly centered (looking at the cars along both sides of the frame) because I'd think about cropping slightly to keep those out of the frame, but I'm not sure if that would be possible. Which I've found hard to do at an outdoor car show the way they're often parked.

The car in the center looks like it's coming right at the viewer, which is kind of cool.

If you are a real beginner photographer, then I see potential. If you're a spammer, then go spam someplace else! lol I'm not sure why someone would spam a photo from a car lot on a photography site, I'd think a spammer would put this where it could sell cars. If you're for real, let us know.
Technically, not too bad, but it's really hard to say much with a 697 x 476 thumbnail. I would recommend posting images with a long side of about 2000 pixels and include the exif data. It could be brighter with more contrast in the midtones and it could be sharper. As far as composition goes, it might tell a story to a car show enthusiast, but it's a sleeper for most of us. Now, if you add a model in driver coveralls with a helmet getting into one of the cars, now have a story.
I think it does what every good photo should do.

1. The image grabs your attention. - It sticks a car grill in you face.
2. You break that thought and the look at the rest of the picture. - The image provides additional information, with a background of similar automobiles.
3. The next impulse is to examine the image details. - The decals, hood ornament. grill work, etc.
4. Finally, the remaining odds and ends such as the sky and clouds and the evergreens are noticed.

All this can happen fairly quickly, but when a person stops for a second glance; no matter how long or brief, the photo has accomplished it goal.
Since this is the only post by the OP on the very day they joined, and hasn't been heard from nor seen on the forum since, I'd say it was safe to assume it was as others noted SPAM. Perhaps the moderators might consider locking the thread.
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