What do you guys think of these?


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Mar 6, 2009
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Hey, I'm new and I was wondering where you guys think I'm at?
I'm 15 and I own a 10.1 Megapixel digital camera ;)
Most of these were edited with Picasa 3 :)






I have better stuff, but I just wanna know what you guys think of this first ;)
Hi trex, welcome to ThePhotoForum, and good to see you right away! :D
You've got some pleasing results here, the first is nicely focused on the droplets, I like its graphic element, and the colour of the leaves. Once you know me a bit better, you will know that anything green (as in nature) will make me cheer :D.

The second doesn't tell me as much, other than that I can see you know how to do selective colouring. All in all, though, I find the photo too busy with too little to be really recognisable.

The third photo doesn't say anything to me, other than that the janitor would need to sweep the leaves and wrappings from the school parking area...

The budgie is a bit overexposed. It could also do with a tad more sharpness. But it's a nice, and quite close-up portrait of your bird. What's his name?

And well. Like I said: nice to "meet" you right away and in your first post.
Hey, thanks for the warm welcome :D!

Also thankyou for your advice, I REALLY appriciate it ;).
Like I have said I am not very experienced at all, so I need a lot of help ;)
Oh and by the way, my pet birds name is "Ryu" meaning dragon in Japanese :)

Here are a few more of my latest ones...(from late last year to this year):










Sorry if there are too many :(
Quantity isn't a big problem, but if you are posting that many, it helps if you number them (or name them), so that people can refer back to a specific image. The other thing is that with so many images, there's a good chance you won't get a particularly focused response on any of them.
I like #2 from the first batch.

Most of the other pictures are either overexposed, too centered or just doesn't hold my attention. The last picture has a nice abstract quality to it, but the noise just ruins it for me.
The last picture has a nice abstract quality to it, but the noise just ruins it for me.

I noticed that too, so I decided to just touch it up very quickly.

If you want me to remove the picture, please say so, but you don't have it on your profile, so here it is anyways:

i think that you have a real good eye and are headed in on the right path. You have a good feel for photo composition and subject matter. I like you photos for the most part, But i would say as a beginner refrain from as much photo editing as possible. it is a good practice to learn how to use your camera to create the image you want. This might be a controversial thing to say, but i stand by it photo editing programs are great and serve a real purpose. But I think that photography should begin with great photo taking. Which i think you have the ability to do.
Okay thanks :D!
This helps a lot :)
And dont worry about it! Edit as many of pictures as you want :D!
And okay, I'll take your advice on board, I'll try NO EDITING for now XD.
edit by all means but push your self to take pictures so they require less editing to get them to where you want them. use editing just don't let it become a crutch. sorry i didnt mean to be preachy or harsh.

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