What do you shoot on a rainy day?


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Oct 1, 2008
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outside chicago
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Well i got out of work early and wanna shoot some stuff outside but cant cause its pouring rain. Nothing in my house is all that interesting to shoot, so what do you guys do when you wanna take pictures but cant due to weather?
Hey, im talking with my wife, if she´s not at home, i start LaraCroft and do some Screenshots. ;)
Real i´m going trough some Photoforums and get some new ways, how to create a good picture.

greetings peter
Rugby :mrgreen:

I usually work on older photos in photoshop, if I'm really in dire need to actually shoot something I'll set up some still life shots [which I hate doing] and shoot those inside. Not much else you can do unless you get rain gear for yourself and the camera. :)
Get a rain cover for your camera, and then you can go out and shoot in the rain.
I hear shooting vegetation (plants and things) are good on rainy days. The overcast clouds really diffuse the light, the plants are covered with water drops which look great, and something about the fresh rain really makes the colors pop.
You can just fasten a clear plastic bag over the camera with a hole so your lens pokes out. It's a cheap and effective rain cover
lookup the OPTech raincover - its cheap and a good raincover for a DSLR (they now make one that will also cover a speedlite flash as well). It also lets you still see all you controls as well - many raincovers cover up all the kit and can be fiddly = not to mention very expensive.

As for what I shoot I do several things::
1) hunt forums and the net
2) read a book - listen to music - play a game
3) play around with macro stuff
I'm strictly an amateur so I also have a quetion re: inclement (?) weather. It was very overcast on Saturday at DS Bday party. My pics were not sharp at all. They weren't blurry, just not sharp. I had that problem at dusk also on Halloween night. Any suggestions? The flash was going off at times. I really like sharp pics so any help will be most appreciated.
It's currently raining here and I absolutely love the diffused lighting! I'd shoot anything from portraits (just as long as my model doesn't get wet), to vegetation as bdavis mentioned and animals. We've got a carport and the lighting from there is wonderful.

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