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Aug 31, 2022
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Ok, so…if we skip the scientic bull (just kidding), and go basic:
When I take a photo of a person, with my smartphone (1x setting/normal) at 3–4 meters, they look exactly as they do irl. The proportions are intact (no visible errors, or VERY small you cant see it) They are all placed in the center area. You cant see any differences. Ive done some research on my own, with different objects. The proportions of the subjects doesnt change, or…the differences are so small they arent visible. I got Real me 6 and Honor 8, so its pretty budget. Ive also tried my Canon PS 540 hs, multizoom.

So, a question for you guys: Does a wide angel lens produce any visible distorsion in the center? I know there can be a bit distorted feet and head if they go too high/low. If you place a person around 3-4 meters away, what is really visibly distorted? Is the person getting wider head, shoulders, hips or kneecaps…but you cant see it? 🤔😋
You talk about the eye, maps, cameras dont shoot in 3d and stuff? Would the eye or 3d catch something the camera cant? In what way? My eyes dont see any differences in proportions when I take a photo of a friend. I guess my eyes work pretty good! 🤔😄 If we take it down to basics, if you cant see the distorsion, it doesnt matter. So, what is really distorted?

Ive tried to get those questions answered a long time now, without luck!!! Hope you guys have a lot to tell.
One more thing!

When standing closer to a wide angle lens, you should get the effect of getting longer, right? Like on selfies, your face is getting thinner/longer. So why are my legs SHORTER on the pic closer to the lens? Im not visibly thinner, but you can see the legs are a bit shorter. I think its a video, but I guess its wide screen on the video lens, and gets the same distortion?

This is taken with my mobile phone, Realme 6.


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" . . . So, a question for you guys: Does a wide angel lens produce any visible distorsion in the center? . . ."

Your legs look shorter because the lens is 'looking down at a sharper angle'. It's not the lens that's doing this... it's perspective.

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