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Mar 7, 2012
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What do you think? Wanted to go out on an adventure today on my day off... and of course it decided to rain ALL day... anyway, decided to take some of my old Montana paint cans (and the lone sabotaz can) and get some pics in my basement!
The background is really wonky. Detracts from the image. The framing is a tad too close on the bottom, I'd like to see how it looks with the full shadow. I like how the sabo guy is looking in the frame though.
Thanks! Personally, I kind of like the way the background came out... not sure why; because I would agree that its odd... Its just solid white and the colouring on it came from light reflecting off the cans... the majority of the images I shot ended up with a green background! Because of the fluoro colour!

I would agree about the framing! Which sucks, because this was my favorite image from the set and I missed the proper framing when I was looking through the lens!

And agreed on the sabo guy! He looks great in most of the shots, especially the ones where he is closer up because the scratches in the can are awesome!
The subject is too close to the bottom. I don't mind what's going on in the background up top. I finding rather complimentary. But then the harsh blown white at the bottom. It's like the image is having an identity crisis. This could have easily been framed in portrait orientation. The subject is already centered, so fill a vertical frame with the cans in all their rustic glory!
I really like that bitter! I actually didn't take a single picture in portrait today!

Somehow I always manage to forget the wonders of turning the camera sideways! Damn you linear thinking...

Edit: Another random image from the day; different subject matter though!

Get in the practice of taking, 2 shots for every subject. One landscape, one portrait. That way you at least have the opportunity to decide later what works better.

Thanks for the tip! I like the way that edit makes the cans more focal with less empty space... I'm definitely going to have to re-try this shoot again!

Thanks for all the critiques; things to focus on:

Framing, lighting (background), and different orientations!
Any comments on the second picture any one? I know its not amazing, but I like it :)
Can you put into words what you like about it?
OscarWilde said:
What do you think? Wanted to go out on an adventure today on my day off... and of course it decided to rain ALL day... anyway, decided to take some of my old Montana paint cans (and the lone sabotaz can) and get some pics in my basement!

To me, this picture reminds me of a lost art especially in America. Way back in the 80's I remember spray painting on a wall of a closed factory. Talking about true freedom up until I got by the cops lol. Too bad the background wasn't like a stone wall it would have hit home a little bit more. That said I enjoyed the photo brung back a lot of good memories.
^^ Cheers! I feel the same. Its been a few years for me, but a friend and I used to go out every couple days... for me it was always about the freedom. There is something chilling and unique about being out in the night when no one is around. Next time I get a chance I am going to go out and shoot some photos for a night... (Now that the weather is warming!!) Probably a safer hobby! And no worry about cops!
Can you put into words what you like about it?

Honestly, I don't know that I can. For me its always about depth of field... I really appreciate the frozen quality of a photo with a shallow DoF. Its like the subject is neither here nor there. And in this case the toy horse, painted a flat neutral colour, makes the image seem more about time. As if the horse is frozen in time between the past and the present...

I don't know, its the flat colours, the spotlighted DoF, the sharpness of the horse. My biggest thing I'm not a huge fan of is the background. It was just a random image I put off in the back to see how it would look and the horse I ended up loving and the background not so much.

Sounds like a load of gibberish, i know, but that is what I try to get out of my images. Its like I have this quality of image in my head, and I'm always trying to replicate it. I'm always pushing and prodding and trying to make the right adjustment to get the image I'm imagining but I'm just not there yet. And the images that always stand out for me are the ones that almost hit it. The ones that push me just that much closer.

I know it isn't great, but I'm learning and the images that stand out to me, are the ones that make me feel like that's really true!
I like the image, once it was trimmed by BJ; but that does not lessen your credit on the iamge ;)
The second has the problem that the background has a colr which is very near to that of the object and the bg over powering due to saturation...; one would watch bg ignoring the poor horse

Regards :D
Thanks frequency! And I agree; I didn't put enough forethought into the background and it definitely ended up taking away from the image!
As for the second image, nice play with shallow depth of field. And I do like the set of colours.

However, the yellow-ish coloured head of the horse overlaps with the orange part of the out of focus background. This somehow ruins colour contrast randomly and the horse stands out less, at least its head.

Overall, horizontally it appears a bit out of balance, the out of focus background is close to mirrored symmetry, but the horse is squeezed into the far left part.

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