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Jul 31, 2011
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Mesa, Arizona
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I'm very new to photography, in fact I don't even own a DSLR.. I've been told I have an 'eye' for photography mostly from friends which I understand that they have an attachment to me so it's kind of like they love my work just because they love me, but lately I've heard it from people who are photographers.. these are with an iPhone so don't judge too much on quality because I know it's terrible :) Don't worry about squishing my feelings I haven't invested a ton of time into this or anything.



Thank you for looking :)
They look pretty good. I might try a little bit I a tighter crop on the first one, to get the sky out of it so there's a little less distraction. I noticed the sky almost before the girl. The second one is good as well but seeing more of the girl's far would be good. Profiles work sometimes, but I think if you put your phone a foot or two across the railing you'd see more of her face and be able to focus on her face instead of the cow.
Thank you very much! I see what you're saying for both of them :) I never realized how distracting the sky was I think because I knew what to look for in the picture so thank you for that as well.
These are definitely a good start. I like the elephant one a lot, but agree with cropping.
Yes, the photos are quite nice but how one gets judged as a photog is by how often they get a good one. If those are 2 of 10,000, it sure doesn't mean as much as if they are 2 out of 100. :)

Now, tbh, and you're probably going to hate me for this comment, the first one makes me seriously wonder about you as a parent... unless the elephants are plastic :lol:
Thank you guys!

& they elephants are statues :) you should have seen her fathers face when I showed him the elephant picture, we had just gotten back from the zoo & he was across the room I said 'they let you ride the elephants now they really liked her!' haha.
Oh & I see what you're saying about consistency. Right now since I don't really have the money to buy a new camera I am just trying anything and everything I can with what I have. It usually doesn't take me too too many shots to get what I want the elephant happened in about 4 and the cow thats a snapshot I got lucky that they were both focused on each other. I just kind of wish the poop wasn't there =\

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