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Nov 19, 2007
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Sacramento CA
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Only editing done is white balance correction with UFRaw. Tips to improve picture overall would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. This is a ring I made I know it isn't all that interesting but I figured I would share it.
It's not particularly sharp. What equipment are you using? Oh, and another thing, there is a hair on whatever you were using to have the ring on, on the right side, wicked distracting to me.
Drab and boring, your table for 2 is now ready in the bar area. ( I think I need a drink)


So let me get this straight... you took 2 not particularly shiny things - a stack of old coins and that nasty ring - and stacked them on top of one another. Then, you thought to yourself, "Self, that's worth taking a picture of, I'll go get my camera.". Then you went and set this not very shiny stuff up on a not very clean or flat or smooth fabric and took a out-of-focus picture. Then you put this picture on the site and ask for tips to improve the picture..:biglaugh:
quit putting stuff in the picture with your jewelry! It's supposed to be about the ring/bracelet...lol.

I'm just trying to be honest, my friend. More DOF...only half the ring is in focus.

Dude, seriously check the attitude. The request was for assistance, not to be ridiculed. Perhaps offer up some points to improve instead.

Monkeykoder, have a look at this from Stobist.com to make a light box for photo'g small objects. I made one in less than 1/2 hour. Works a treat.
The light box is exactly what I used as a matter of fact. I had the camera set to the lowest aperture I could use (f32 I think) is there any other way to get a sharper picture?
Not knowing your lens, try using aperture at different settings from f/5.6 to f/11. This should get the entire scene in focus.

Invest a couple of dollars for poster board. This will eliminate the fuzzies. Make sure the box is clear of incidentals i.e. hair. You could either buy one of those jewelry fingers (don't know the name) used in display cases or fashion one yourself out of the poster board. The goal should be to have everything crisp and white apart from the subject.

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