what do you think?

Good start... #2 is underexposed....can bring some shadow detail back in post processing though or just change your overall exposure when taking the shot.

They all look grainy... I looked at your EXIF info and it says you took them at ISO 800... probably better to shoot with a tripod at ISO 100-200 (slower shutter speed, as a result) to avoid the digital noise issue unless this was intentional.
the biggest problem with HDR photos is when people are just starting out, they get halos around everything (your trees on #1)

#2 is to dark for my liking, boost up your exposure next time
brutal halos in #1, but i like #2 as is.
nice sky and really cool (almost iridescent) tones in the waves.
Thank you all, appreciate your c&c.
All three are under exposed.

1. I am not really sure why you chose to do an HDR for the first shot but it didnt work there wasnt enough range to the exposures to take advantage of HDR.

2. Again underexposed. Looks almost like a moonlit beach.

3. This shot is under exposed and there is no real subject matter. It may have worked better if the trees took up more of the bottom corner of the shot.

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