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Mar 6, 2005
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pictures taken in montreal.. what do you think?




i quite like the second and fourth. the first one is interesting but seems a little surreal. the third one seems to be a bit much like a painting, and the ground is quite distracting. otherwise they're cool
I think you are on to something in the first and second frames. I like the surreal quality of the first shot. The second is graphic and well composed. The other two photos seem a little standard.
I love the first one. If you don't have anything anything editing, you could take out the building on the right side, for more uniformity/focus on the main building. It's very cool as it is though, looks like some evil fortress of something :p
thx for your feedack everyone.... I do agree with one of the first comment, the ground is a bit distracting in the third pict. thx for pointing it out.

Jimee said:
looks like some evil fortress of something :p

it's montreal's city hall :wink:

Thx for your honnest opinion... that's what I need :thumbup:
Nice series. The first and second are the most fascinating to me! :thumbup:
The lights in the fog of the first one really do it for me, and if this is considered surreal then I like the surreal effect!

I also like the third with its three "layers" of things to look at, the middle one being the skyline ... and I would think it is a field covered in snow (or a parking area or something very flat and covered in snow?) in the foreground ... and I like the colour gradients in the sky!
^that flat thing you are talking about is the frozen river :)

I wanted to have the light of the buildings reflecting on the water...but i guess i'll have to go back this summer :-D

thx for the comments :)

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