What else should I do to this photo?


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Oct 5, 2010
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well, I haven't done anything to it yet it's fresh out of my camera from a few days ago. I feel like I should crop the bottom and the right hand side a bit. What do you think?
I'm sorry but I fail to see an usable shot here... The subject (Leaves) are uninteresting. Very little is in focus... I would say send it to the recycling bin is your next step with that photo.
You don't think this is better?
I don't like the out of focus leaves partially covering the in focus leaves. I would have to agree with Jason here.
I believe he's saying to take the image and put it here.

that's not nice recommending the garbage. jeeze fellas! I've seen some pretty crap sheet on here and this can be used for something. it'd look great for a holiday card.
The crop improves the photo, there's nothing you can do about the out of focus leaves other then remember next time to stop down a little.
I like the crop off the bottom, but I would crop less off the sides and compare. Photo's just seem more interesting when subjects aren't centered (rule of thirds). The body of the plant is towards the right so it's still off balance some.
Problem was it was taken with a point and shoot camera on macro and I'm finding it hard to get it to change it to the right setting because the camera seems to think it knows what I want even on manual settings the options for apertures and shutter speeds are limited. I'm just learning all this stuff so i appreciate all the advice. Not the trash can though, that was just rude.
I Liked the cropped one better the colors a beautifull dont trash it I take many shots like that for my personal album keep it and make a slideshow of diff things on a type thing and enjoy:)
the question is "Do you like the photo?"

First, straigten up the shadow line underneath. Then crop the bottom and right to what you feel is pleasing.......... (yes, your crop is much better)

As mentioned, this has a winter holiday feel to it............:D
The cropped version is fine, but those spots are distracting!

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