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Jul 16, 2007
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Do you go out and just shoot "everything" or do you like to create a scene yourself?

I have always liked street photography but as I am learning and buying books, magazines etc...I really like photos that look like they were planned and set up. I guess you can be artistic regardless. I use to want to be a music video director as a teen because I loved the visual and having control of what I did. Of course the days of music video died in the 80's.
I prefer to shoot "everything". I will often leave with a theme in mind and try to accomplish that. But I have not tried to stage photos yet. Got some in mind for winter though
Depends. Sometimes I shoot away just to see what happens. Other times when I am in a practicing mood, and want to play in that manner, I set things up... often times I get quite elaborate, other times very simple.

Last week I played with a studio setup practicing with up to 4 off camera and 1 on camera flashes taking up the whole living room.

Tonight I took over a simple coffee table, stood up a binder near the edge, placed a dark towel over it all, made a mini-backdrop and played with my 30mm F/1.4 lens to get a feel for the various apertures and played with 2 off and on camera flashes and in camera EV compensation levels while photographing a ceramic statue and my usual prop, a small model Corvette.

I do the same thing when working to attain a goal, not just when playing or practicing. It depends on the mood and circumstances... but given the choice, I want to always set up the shoot in some small way... even if it is just an angle I want to get to, or a feeling I want to convey in a photograph.
I shoot for memories. All the place I've been, on projects I've done, on cultures I've met. I was so inspired with my grandpa, he's been on many places and he have albums on every place he've been. I love it and I want to have mine too. :)

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