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Nov 13, 2007
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Brand new to the forum and a hello to all. I travel a great deal and enjoy photography very much. Outside of an old slr and my array of small digitals I am new to the dslr world. I am getting books, reading forums and reviews and the like. I have narrowed my choices down to basically 3 cameras I am looking at. I'd just like real world feed back from others whom have more knowledge.

In no specific order:

Nikon D80
Sony Alpha 700
Canon eos 40D

I really like that sony has the anti shake built in. I worry about the availability of after market lenses. Its also 12mp. Nothing rings out about the Canon except the big lcd and the feel. Its perfect in my hands. Same said for the D80. It just feels perfect. I havent had the chance to pick up the sony except for the A100.... the little guy.

I'll start out with a 28-200 lens as a base and pic and choose from there. It seems like a good starting point and have seen it as a reference for a beginner. Most of my pictures are outdoors both landscape and distant objects. I do a fair amount of indoor shooting as well. Buying a couple extra lenses when I figure out whats needed is doable. I dont shoot sports, any action shoots or such.

Heres another question with out popping a new thread, and this would be a can of worms I can imagine, If I were to buy 3 lenes, and carried them with me, what 3 would you recommend?(not including the above listed) I'll try not to throw out to many newbie questions. Promise! I am hitting the book stores today as well.

Just looking to gather opinions from those that know. Advice, pros and cons and general help on whats what. I'll ultimately make the decission though real world experience speaks for itself. Thanks again and I am glad to be part of the board.

Nikon or Canon. Sony may have IS or VR in the body, but it is less effective than when it is in the lens. Also, one doesn't need it all the time anyways.

I lean towards the D80 personally, being a Nikon fan, but at that level its more personal choice than justifiable reasons.
Welcome to the forum.

The Nikon D80 and the Canon 40D are both great cameras. I would give the edge to the Canon because it's at least a year newer and has more 'cutting edge' technology. I don't know much about that particular Sony camera, but I'd assume that it's pretty good. If you didn't know, Sony bought out the photography part of Konica the Sony camera should be compatible with all modern Minolta lenses.

As for lenses to carry around...that would depend on your budget. My ideal 'all around' kit might include something in the 17-50mm range (normal focal range on these cameras) preferably with a max aperture of F2.8. Then I'd want a telephoto...something like a 70-200 F2.8 IS (or VR)...would be great but it would be large, heavy and expensive. Then I would either want a fast prime lens or an ultra wide angle. In my own kit, I have the Canon 10-22mm, which is a great wide angle and the Sigma 30mm F1.4, which is a great prime lens.
What brand is you old SLR, and do you have old lenses. The D80 an use a large variety of old nikon lenses.
You mentioned you have an old SLR, if it's a minolta, the Sony ALpha would be a good choice as it can use a majority of the old Minolta lenses.
The old SLR was a Nikon. Its 10 years old or better. Its with my ex as of now... never made much use of it. only had 2 lenses for it. Not sure of the condition its in or where she has it.

I have begun to travel a lot more. I have a sorry arsenal of pocket cams but have taken some spectacular photos. I do have a canon power shot and two kodak. Sadly, the little kodak v550 rocks.(please laugh, I said kodak rocks!) I put aside a fund this year to buy a DSLR before my next trip. The reason I lean toward Nikon to an extent is all the optics on my long guns are nikon, from prostaff to my baby the monarch X. Odd to compare scopes to cameras but they are flawless. I decided to skip the eso xti and D40x and jump into a little better of a camera. Nothing wrong with either of the previous mention but the D40x felt like a toy in my hand. Sadly, I picked up the D200 and fell in love!!!

I am now narrowing it to the D80 0r 40D (maybe D200?!?!?) One thing that may sway me to the D200 is weather sealing.... Most of my travels are to central and south america.... you know, low humidity areas:lol:.

I did find the D80 with nikkor 18-55 and 55-200 vr for $1099... might be hard to walk away from. I figure with that, I'd have 7-900 left for external flash (recommendations?) and one or two decent lenses.... hopefully.

Memories are for you to enjoy... photos say I was there!

Thanks again for your help and keep the info comming. Btw.... when I get it, prepare for the newbie ? invasion! LOL!

(I didnt use spell check! :lmao:)

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