What is Uber?


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Feb 17, 2012
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I stopped by the gas station, and the representative of uber asked me to sign up without giving me the details. I just received the letter from uber and asking me to sign up as well. I still don't know what is this about. Does anyone know?
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It's a 'taxi company' that operates like social media.
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It's a 'taxi company' that operates like social media.


You don't call a cab company like Yellow. You launch the Uber app and enter in where you are and where you'd like to go.

Some local citizen then drives their own car to your location, picks you up and takes you where you want to go.
It used to be an adjective. For example, I was uber excited to find a taxi during the rain.

Now, it's a company. For example, I was excited to take Uber during the rain.

My brother-in-law is a driver for secondary income. He likes it. Decent pay, but sometimes the people can get a little rowdy, especially if they're uber drunk.
Then some sicko shows up,good luck with that.Then again some of the regular cab drivers are pretty strange to.
Yea some of the bus transit drivers take the cake for driving skills.
Yea I seen that,the drivers have a lot to worry about to and probably more so then the passengers.
Hi-tech hitchhiking.

"The company develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars."
Uber (company) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I read that already.
You should sign up and let me know how it goes.:801:

Not a chance in hell, my friend.

Yea I seen that,the drivers have a lot to worry about to and probably more so then the passengers.

Except for those passengers who were raped, of course. This is just one of the latest cases: Uber hit with lawsuit over alleged sexual assaults - CNET

And while this site is run by the Taxicab, Limosine, and Paratransit Authority (meaning they have a vested interest in making Uber look bad), it's not like they are inventing these incidences: Comprehensive List of Uber Incidents and Assaults | Who’s Driving You?

This is not to say that Uber is inherently unsafe, nor am I suggesting that drivers aren't also in danger from passengers, but basically, I've heard just as much bad as I've heard good about Uber, and I for one am not taking my chances. It's not just assault or robbery, either, but accidents because of bad driving, or trouble when the driver gets lost. At least with taxi drivers, there are strict rules about who can drive (and records are kept on who can drive which medallion) and the industry is regulated (and therefore more accountable and more interested in avoiding problems).

Here's in interesting discussion - clearly biased, but informative:
User has been made legal here in most of Australia. I think there is only one state left to adopt it. I don't live in a metropolitan area and have no use for the service (nor is my area serviced) but it has a 100% approval rating from everyone I know who does use it.

From what I know it's pretty safe as both the driver and passenger have the app with gps tracking.

The only people who dislike it are the established taxi companies.

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