What kinda settings for bright indoor photography?


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Dec 1, 2008
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Hey Folks,

My office is having a party today. Just a low key type of lunch, but I wanted to take some shots. To get some nice artsy shots with shallow DOF, what settings would you use in a bright office with flourescent lighting? I am thinking ISO 400 and f/2.8-f5.6 in aperture priority mode. Thoughts?
If it's that bright, you can probably even shoot at ISO 200. Really, you'll just have to see how they start to turn out and adjust. The white balance with the lighting may be your bigger issue but if you shoot RAW, the correction could easily be made post shooting.
Depends, flourecent lights aren't as bright as you think, you'll have to improvise.
have a flash you can bounce?
no flash yet. it's arriving TODAY. one day late. bought the 430 ex II with the sto-fen omni bounce diffuser. what WB should i be using? i am shooting raw, so it doesnt really matter, but just wondering.

what im mostly concerned with is what kinda aperture and ISO to use.
Whichever will give you the shots. by the way flouro lights give horrible green casts, I'd set the wb in camera to flouro beforehand then see what the results are like on the lcd. H

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