What lighting equip do I need for studio photography?


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Dec 16, 2007
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I would like to try to take some glamour pics of my friends. As of right now I am doing this for fun, so I would like to buy the BASIC type of lighting, as well as cheapest, to get a good result. Someone told me that I would be fine w/an umbrella soft box.

I don't know if they were right?
I also don't know if soft boxes come w/the necessary stand?
What is good? Silver? White? Gold?

THANKS for any input you could give :D
I would probably use a softbox over an umbrella...
(two different things)..but they would both work.
I would say a white umbrella with a black back would work.

But If you wanna do glamour, you can do some of it with one light...so if you wanna invest in one light at first, that could get you started.

A good monolight with a stand and softbox should do the trick. You're lookin at a bit of money, but then again..it's photography...nothing's cheap.

Probably around 300-350 bucks if you find a decent kit with enough power.

If you want more lights, then obviously the price goes up...
you could work with speedlights if you've already got them, unless you want to shoot at f/22-f/64 or something, then you'll need the big 2000 some-odd W/s strobes.

than again, theonly time you'd be shooting at those tight apertures is when you're shooting product, still life, or macro.

I am not sure Switch made it totally clear but the link he provided http://strobist.blogspot.com/ is a great resource for using speedlights instead of studio strobes for lighting. On that site he prety much gives you options that can take you from the most expensive store bought setup to cheap and hommemade.

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