photoshop for dummies?

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Dec 5, 2007
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Anyone know of a good photoshop tutorial. for learning about layers and stuff? something not so technical.
Do you think Photoshop for Dummies is too technical? I usually recommend those books to those looking to learn something. Otherwise try a nice google search for something like "photoshop layers tutorial."

What are you trying to do with layers? Perhaps I could give you a nice tutorial.
It's not that the book is bad I was just looking for something like a visual tutorial. I pick up allot fast by watching than reading. I understand how to crop a main subject out and add a pic for a background layer. But I don't understand much about improving a photo with layers. I know it's allot of trial and error but i just want to get 2 know the basics in using layers. Ive read a few things but like i said I get more out of seeing than reading.if I watch someone do something I absorb about 90% if i read it i absorb around 10%
check out for some tutorials. I think you might have to pay or get a membership or something like that but they have some really good stuff. My friend used to edit for them and would show me some of them from time to time.
Check out youtube also which has some decent tutorials with visuals for free. Just do a search.
thanks for the links! Very helpful. anybody know how to get the option boxes back on the right side? I closed them thinking they would reopen the next time I opened ps but they didnt come back.
Reset your workspace, or just go to View>[insert what you want to come back].

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