What mode do you shoot in most often?

What mode do you shoot in most often?

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Jun 25, 2010
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If I'm just walking around, I leave the camera in Program. If I find something along the way that I really like and that I want to spend more time on, I will switch to Av, Tv or full manual. If I go to a location specifically to shoot something, I only use full manual.

On an average "walk around" day, my breakdown is like this:
Program: 80%
Av: 10%
Tv: 5%
Full Manual: 5%
Full Auto: 0%

What about you? What do you shoot in on an average "walk around" day and why?
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I'm split between Aperture and Manual modes. I'll usually meter a scene and take an image in aperture priority then decide on adjustments and switch to manual.
95% Manual
5% Aperture Priority
I mostly use aperture priority and manual. I use full manual when I have the time to really work on my shot.
Since i am in the learning phase, i have used nothing but full manual, with a built in light meter and ease of adjusting shutter and aperture, i do not see myself using any other modes.
Aperture Priority - 80%
Program - 15%
Manual - 5%

give or take depending on the circumstance. if i am going out and about with the intent to just capture moments with friends or family, it'll be on P throughout, if i happen to come across something interesting and have time ill go into A. When i use A dominantly with the occasional M its when im doing something at my own pace and the subject is working with me or isnt going anywhere.
When I'm using my Elan 7, I usually shoot about 40% Av, 40% P, and 20% Tv. I don't usually shoot in manual.

With my AE-1P, I shoot in Tv about 90% of the time, and the other 10% in P.

The Minolta gets shot in Av 100% of the time.
I leave the camera on P in case I encounter something that I have to grab so quickly that I don't have time to think otherwise. I always monitor what the camera is doing and usually switch to shutter priority when deliberately working. I never have the camera set to auto ISO.

I almost never use manual since I rely on the camera's internal meter most of the time. I do have an incident meter, but I rarely bring it along anymore so without an external meter manual mode is meaningless. Shutter priority plus the camera's exposure comp. control achieves the same result.

AV does the trick just fine usually. I do adjust it, from time to time but thats about all I need to.
Usually wedding mode.

If not then I'm using Aperture Priority a lot of the time or manual if my exposure isn't how I envisioned it.
I shoot 90% manual, 10% aperture priority, because:
  • the camera is utterly clueless what the image content is
  • what exposure I want for the scene
  • and what artistic considerations I desire for DOF and control of motion.
Additionally, are the considerations I take into account that will effect my choice of metering and focus modes, both intimately tied to shooting mode and the exposure triad.

Actually my first consideration for any shot, is the White Balance.
Depends what and how I am shooting.

With my macro - where I use flash as my main light source, its almost always full manual mode. That way I can fix my settings and let the flash (on ETTL mostly though sometimes on manual) put in the light needed.

With my wildlife and general shooting its Aperture priority mode most of the time - I don't need much more than one single setting under my control and I let the camera balance the other off that and the ISO that I set. With exposure compensation I find I have most of the control I need.
I'm also starting to slip shutter priority mode into my shooting a little more now as well.
A mix of aperture priority and manual. I do however shoot shutter priority when photographing helicopters or doing some slow-speed panning!
A mix of aperture priority and manual. I do however shoot shutter priority when photographing helicopters or doing some slow-speed panning!
same here, but alot of times i err towards manual for consistency.

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