What sharpening technique should I use for 20x30 print?

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    Hello, my wife and I just got back from vacation and we have a shot we are really happy with and want to get a 20x30 print made of it. I would like to sharpen his face before printing but not sure what technique works best for this size print. We have CS3 and in the past I would use 150% and go between .3 to 1.1 on the radius, but that was just for viewing pics on our PC. The pic attached is straight from the camera....Thanks for your help!


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    I you don't already have it, get - Real World Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Lightroom (2nd Edition)

    The fur has a lot of edges. Edge frequency is one factor that is used to decide what settings and technique to use for sharpening.

    The above book was written by Bruce Fraser, a founding member of PixelGenius, LLC.
    Pixel Genius wrote the software that is ACR's (Adobe Camera RAW) Sharpening panel.

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