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What size.................(expert opinion)


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Nov 8, 2011
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Do u think her softbox is?Skye Johansen Photography » Utah Baby Photography It look like she uses a octabox, and I'm trying to figure out what size. One said it's probably a 60 inch but I want other opinions as well. I think if it was 60 in. wouldn't the catchlight cover their entire eye? I just wanna know what u experts that use studio lighting think?
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Could be an Octobox, you just be an umbrella...they're basically the same shape.

As for how big it is, I wouldn't say it's huge. Most of the photo do have a highlight/shadow transition across the face. If the light was huge, the lighting would most likely be flatter than it looks here. Especially as the light is placed pretty centrally (as can be seen in the position of the catch lights).
But they key thing to keep in mind, is that isn't just size, but proximity. It could be 24 inches, but be really close...or it could be 24 feet and really far away....you get the same result.

Looking though the images, I had the idea that may she's putting in the catch lights artificially, because when the catch light is close to the middle of the eye, the light should be flat. But may she's using the umbrella/octobox as fill (and for the catch light) and has another light to the side.

Have you tried just asking her?
Didn't you already ask about this?
I am not really sure you can easily tell if it's a 60" softbox closer to the subject or a 40" softbox further away and at a higher intensity...

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