What speed of film do you use the most?

What speed of film do you use the most?

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I like film in the 100 range for finer grain(I hate grain) when the light allows, but I keep 400 available if I need it. I have never had film in my camera over 400.
I agree, dlc.

The only film I really shoot is 100 (or slower when it comes to some slide film) so I can keep grain to a minimum. I keep some 400 around just for those special low light needs.

Anyone using anything different, and if so, please let us know! :)
Okay, I cheated. I've only shot 2 rolls of asa 400 film since I got the Contax, but I plan to start shooting a lot of Velvia & it's only asa 50 (until next fall when the 100 comes out).

wheni bought my EOS, the camera guy said vert sternly i was only allowed to put 100 in it.
ive been too scared to try anything else for fear of my camera exploding.

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