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Sep 24, 2011
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I have a few sporting events that I am going to cover this summer. Ideally Id like to get a used D3. It would be nice to shoot at 9fps for sports. Im looking at the D800 because if I do portraits/posters Ill shoot in FX mode which will give me super high resolution and when shooting sports Ill switch to DX mode which is 6fps gripped. A benefit is the extra reach with the crop sensor. Would you rather get an older bad @ss D3 or get the latest n greatest of the D800? Either way Im spending 3k.

I have also thought about a D700 but Im trying to keep it between two cameras.
The original D3 and the D700 have the same sensor, and the same low-light, High-ISO capabilities. As you might know, the NEW price for the D700 is now $2199, with no MAP, so you *might* even be able to find a dealer that can beat that price....that would get you a brand new camera... 9 fps...that sounds good, but timing is really critical in many sports,and often there is only one peak moment, which can be captured at 4 fps, or 5 fps or 6 fps or 7 fps... ANyway, I do not see a lot of upside in the original D3...the D3s is another matter entirely...it has the best HIGH ISO sensor I have seen currently.

I dunno...the D800 has its appeal...6 fps in DX crop mode...16.2 MP cropped, 36MP FX...a LOT of camera for the money...I think if I were going to spend $3k I would buy the D800.
Thats what Im thinking, I have until Memorial Day to make up my mind. Ill wait n see what people think about the D800. I am shooting auto racing so mostly pan shots among other stuff. If I were shooting football, hockey or lax or something else in which I really needed 9fps I wouldnt be asking and just buy the D3.

For my ability the D3 and D3s are very similar. I shoot low ISO and very fast shutter speeds. I dont use the above and beyond features. I have used both in the past. Id like to buy a D3s but its a lot more money.

I do appreciate your opinion.

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