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Sep 1, 2010
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ok im looking to get some lenses for my nikon D3000. I have a 18-55mm VR and a 55-200mm. i like to take wild life and such photos. Is there any other ones that i should purchase?
Above the 200mm level things start getting difficult. I strongly advise that you learn and employ tactics that get you closer rather than use the lens to get closer. Close up head shots so to speak of wildlife are mostly boring seen it before stuff anyway.

If you want to try long range on the cheap then buy a vintage 1970's Spiratone 400mm and the Nikon adapter off ebay. The entire rig all said and done would likely be less than $40.00 (forty) including the shipping.

Or wait until my kid comes home from Costa Rica on the 16th and I will most likely be selling the $100.00 ish AF 70-300mm Nikon G lens that I bought just so they can play with 300mm. They will have the 18-200mm VR and my advice to not use the 300mm. I'm sure they will think the 300 is better at times. I crop (and so can you) tiny sections from my 200mm lens and they are just fine.

Get closer physically and don't rely on a long lens. A much more fascinating photo of a frog or bug is obtained with a 12mm lens than with a 300mm lens. Much, much better photo. Ponder that principal.
good good point. See i like to take photos of animals that are very hard to get close to as in white tail deer, elk and suck
What's in your wallet?

You're looking in the 400 to 600mm range of lenses. Plus a teleconverter.
unfortinaly my wallet isnt that thick. but i am a avid hunter and can seek rather well so i belive a teleconverter with possiably just the 70-300mm lens?
unfortinaly my wallet isnt that thick. but i am a avid hunter and can seek rather well so i belive a teleconverter with possiably just the 70-300mm lens?

Wouldn't recommend any kind of teleconverter on a slower variable f-stop lens. Got terrible results using just the 1.4x with 70-300vr slow inconsistent AF and hunting. Also takes quite a hit in Image IQ.

You need an f4 or faster. The Tamron 1.4x on my Nikon 80-200 f2.8 AF-D did a lot better. Turning it into a 280mm f4. Some use the 1.7x but is iffy and 2.0x is out for having anything decent except maybe on top of the line f2.8 lenses.
Serious, high quality reach, costs serious money.

Sigma makes some decent lenses like the APO 150-500 mm OS HSM f/5-6.3, $999, new at B&H Photo Video. (I have one)

A Nikon AF-S 400 mm f/2.8 prime lens is only $8700.00.
An AF-S 80-400 f/4.5-5.6 is $1650.00.
The Nikon AF-S 200-400 f/4 is $5670.00

Taken with the Sigma APO 150-500 mm f/5-6.3 at 500mm, f/6.3, handheld:

One option that seldom gets thrown around due to the image quality fascination is the adapters for telescopes. If you are trying to sell your photos then forget it. If you are just looking for souvenirs then look into the telescope matter.

Start your search and education via the astronomy field. Somewhere in the mix you should get a clearer idea of what meets your needs.
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