Whats a really good lens for portraits on a nikon d90?


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Dec 12, 2011
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I know there is a variety of great lens out there and I am thinking about focusing on portraiture. I was really thinking about getting a sigma 70-200 because i can use that lens for other stuff as well but then again there is the 24-70 (nikkor) which is just out of my price range for the moment. I am just looking for what you have had personal success from. I currently own the kit lens 18-105. a fixed 50mm and a fish eye 10-17 so any opinions of what my next lens should be if I want to focus on portriture? thanks in advance.
nikon 85mm 1.8G!

or the Sigma 50mm 1.4
I have found it to be personal preference and shooting style. I have been to classes where the master photog used a 70-200, another likes the 24-105L, still other uses the 85 and the 24-70. I say rent each of the ones you are interested in and try them out. See which one fits your shooting style.
I'll vote for an 85 as well. The Nikon 1.8G as mentioned, or the Sigma 1.4... You'll never get bokeh as pretty out of a zoom.
The traditional portrait lens for 35mm cameras was 135mm. On a D90 with a DX sensor that would equate to a 90mm lens. I don't shoot portraits but if I did I'e be looking at an 85mm for myself.
Thanks to everyone for their input. It seems the popular one is the 85mm. I'm going to rent it and give it a go.
What's wrong with your current 50mm, 18mm-105mm and 10mm-17mm?

You've already got the portraiture focal lengths covered three times over.
I would go for 85mm f/1.8 D. Excellent performance, fast focusing and cheap. That is my prefernce over G version.

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The rule I used to choose which lens to use for making a portrait was - use the longest focal length possible for the shooting situation.

Why the longest focal length? To magnify blurred background elements as much as possible, because magnifying them makes them seem even more blurry than they actually are.
That 50 should be the ticket on dx. Shoot some portraits at F2 and see how they look.

Having said that I try to shoot portraits at 150mm to 200mm at F2.8 or f4. I like how they look better than the ones I take with the 85 1.4 at F2. I am shooting on full frame.
If you can put your hands on a Nikon 135mm F2 DC. or even the 105, you will never look back, if you like shooting with primes or course
In a tight space, the 85mm may be hard to use.
I'll vote for an 85 as well. The Nikon 1.8G as mentioned, or the Sigma 1.4... You'll never get bokeh as pretty out of a zoom.

I highly agree, the two dream decently priced portrait lenses for DX are the Sigma 50 1.4 and the Nikon 85 1.8G in my opinion. If you have a little more cash, get a Sigma 85 1.4 which will produce even better bokeh than the 1.8g.
Another vote for the 85 1.8 ... D or G depending on your budget ...

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