What's so damn great about your neck of the woods?


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Nov 1, 2009
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Southern Indiana, USA
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Hypothetically speaking, let's say I'm ready to move away and start my life over. Assuming money/job/family is not a factor, how would you sell me on moving to your town? Anywhere in the world is open to consideration. And if you aren't too crazy about the idea of me moving close, just pretend I'm someone else that you like better.
I wouldn't! We have to many damned tourists / people / bacon thieves as it is! ;)

Actually during the non-frozen seasons, the Denver area is gorgeous. Green, lovely, lots to do. Hiking, Fishing, lots of places for gorgeous landscapes. More breweries per square mile than anyplace I have seen! Winters are lovely and COLD.. but if you ski, it rocks. Otherwise it is a pain in the A&&! Drivers here forget how to drive in snow in-between seasons... so it is always an adventure.
I live here.
Maine's pretty awesome. Gotta admit. There's a variety of outdoorsy things to do, and there's also an active city life. Maine is generally all about sustainability, buying local, good food, and craft brews. It's continually either at the top, or near the top of the "where to raise a family" list. Also, dankest seafood. Maine shrimp is where it's at.

We have all four seasons, and there's a reason it's called vacationland. I've been all across the US, but I'm always happy to be back. I also have a lot of home town pride, if you will.

Plus, runnah and I live here. That's all the reason you need IMO.
Historical city. Beaches. 5:1 female to male ratio.
Is that based on weight or actual numbers? ;) :p

Oh it's actual numbers. All the girls come to the college here because of the beach.

My first semester there, after being raised in an extremely strict Christian school, a girl walked into class in a bikini and flip flops. Professor didn't say anything :roll:

Of course I've been in a relationship for all my college years, so I don't look at any of them. But they are there nonetheless!
South Eastern Kentucky. Paradise on a budget. Moderate weather, beautiful green hills. Sparse population. Good neighbors. Property tax in the hundreds not thousands. Utility bill modest.
Housing clean and moderate in price. Clean, clean, and again clean air. prolific wildlife. Good soil for growing gardens, with enough rain. And where I live, if you have a yard sale, and the mail lady doesn't want anything, you just pack it up. Oh and they talk cute, as in druther. later Ed
We're close enough to DC that the hot air flowing off of Capitol Hill keeps winter in check.
What's so damn great about your neck of the woods?
Corn, soybeans, winters, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and fireflies in the summer.

From Field of Dreams - Mysterious voice: "If you build it, he will come."
Shoeless Joe Jackson: "Is this heaven?"
Ray Kinsella: "No, This is Iowa".

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