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what's the fastest cf card a digital rebel can handle?


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Jun 21, 2005
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the title says it all. i am looking to buy a 1 or 2 gig cf card for my canon digital rebel (not XT). can the camera use the speed of the the newer 133x speed cards at all or is it just able to write up 40x or 80x speed?

i wouldn't wnat to buy an ultra fast (and expensive) memory card and not be able to use the full potential.

where would i be able to buy a cf card for a reasonable price?


your camera can handle any CF card, regardless of speed. IMO, the only time you'd need to worry about speed is if you shoot long strings (15 or more) of photos and you need good read speed (for transfering files to your pc). My card (50x) isn't that fast, but i never have to worry about my card not being fast enough. You could by a slow card and not notice the difference unless you constantly fill the buffer.
Yup, don't worry about the speed unless you fill the buffer...I don't think I've ever filled the buffer on my 20D. Try to get cards on sale or with a rebate.

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