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Chris Stegner

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Dec 27, 2007
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Ft. Thomas, KY
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There's something about this image that's bugging me. This is a 12 image pano shot vertical with my 5D. About 180 meg at full-size.

Not sure if it's over processed or what, but there's something about it. Comments?

I think it looks great.. The only think that stands out for me is the left side of the dock at the bottom of the picture.. it's blurred.
Otherwise it looks fantastic
aside from the dock as already pointed out...this is the best pano i've seen yet...im not even kidding!!! the damn rainbow is perfect...wow man great work
Really Nice pano. Very well executed. the stitching is flawless. Which program did you use to stitch the images ?

The thing I noticed is just above the arch of the rainbow. Looks like you may have use a blur tool..It looks very lightly smudged.. Also the lack of the rainbows reflection off the water. other than that, I really like this.
More foreground element would be appreciated, as it stands the bottom feels cut off.
If you look at the right side it seems like the horizon is tilted. It might just be the island on the left side throwing the balance off, other than that the image is awesome.

As I look closer though, the rainbow looks fake becuase I can't see where the rain is coming from or the reflection in the water.
The placement of the dock may distract the eye a little bit, but I personally think it's a great shot.
wow i think it's perfect the dock doesn't seem to be the main interest in my eyes when i look at the photo, it's the rainbow and the distant islands. it looks amazing to me especially for a pano. i really like the picture.
rainbow looks fake becuase I can't see where the rain is coming from or the reflection in the water.

I can see the reflection, maybe you need a monitor calibration. RE the shot, I think if you cleaned up the foreground dock you could make some decent money licensing this image. Left side is a bit lighter than the far right. Overall quite a stunning capture. :thumbup:

-Shea :mrgreen:
alot said already, so I will keep it short.

on my laptop screen it does not look overprocessed at all.

What bothers me most is, that it contains two images:
-one is the dock and the rainbow, cropped more or less tightly around the rainbow.
-the other one is just the clouds close to the right border, they really draw you into the image's depth and look very 3-dimensional.

So my eye cannot decide at which of those two to look at, did you try to make it two panos at some point?
Also, the shore on the right is not needed in the picture, IMHO and on the right one could crop closer to the rainbow.

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