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Mar 12, 2010
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So I thought this might be a fun whatsit...sorry the IQ isn't too great, but this is like a 250%+ crop...

seems like a reflection of some sort on glass
definitely some reflections going on, but due to the low IQ, I'll give you an early hint, it's not glass..
IQ needs to be held to some standard in these threads. Granted these are ultra-small objects magnified greatly, but why play a guessing game about something if the technical aspect of reproducing the object is sub-par?

Then, you're not only struggling with the abstract of the object, but also the technical flaws of the image itself.
give me a break, its just for FUN. we're not looking for C&C, it's not a contest, there are no prizes, no winnings, we're not selling any of the images...

I clearly stated that the IQ isn't great, but show me any small portion of an image blown up to 250-300% that looks perfect. I wasn't even taking this FOR a whatsit, but looking through my images thought it would be something different and fun. but why even do anything to have some fun if all its going to just turn into a bitching match.

with all due respect, if these aren't what you want, then feel free to post up some of your own...
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well, if the loss of IQ from too much upsizing the image to a decent size is going to cause problems, here is anoter shot of the same thing, from a different angle, and only 100% crop. the image is small, but this is the largest crop I could make without COMPLETELY giving the subject matter away...

unfortunately this angle will make things far too easy to guess...but oh well....so much for trying something different with these...

Looks like an eyeball
yup, its a cat eye...see, too easy with that angle...

the crop from the first shot is from this image:

other one is from this:
No way anybody would have gotten that from the first image. I though it was a really blurry image of Shamu jumping out of the water or something.. :lol:

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