Whatsit Jan. 26

Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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Hair in a hairbrush...
Late for the dance again! :grumpy:
Yea, looks like pet hair in a brush maybe a cat or long haired dog.
As been said, it's a brush with either cat or dog hair on it.
I was going to say hair in a hairbrush too.

If it is someone needs to groom a little more often. Haha.

Maybe it's a pet brush from a cat or dog?
I'm thinking ScotchBrite pad or something similar.
I have no idea but thanks for keep doing this whatisit thread.
Ok not hair how about dog fur on a brush? Looks like some are too coarse for cat...
Okay, just to break loose from the whole hairbrush theme:
How about a vacuum cleaner's roller full of fur and fibers?

I actually still think it's a brush with hair or fur in it, tho.

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