Where can't I take my Camera?


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Nov 18, 2008
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Whitewater Wisconsin
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I am (very)new to photography, and was wondering where I can't take my camera?

Are public places fine like on a beach?

Basketball/sports games?


I always thought it was fine everywhere, but listening to some podcasts and recent news articles I have found otherwise.

I would have thought public places would be fine, unless stated otherwise through signs or asked by members of the public. Concerning the basketball/sports games and concerts, i would say depends on the venue and the promoters, sometimes at events you are not allowed a DSLR (well i wasn't, i was asked to hand it over and pick it up after the event). hope that helps you in some way :)
As long as you don't photograph somewhere that is clearly a secret establishment of some sort or take a photograph of someone who has a 'reasonable expectation of privacy' you can take pretty much anywhere.

Areas where you might be asked not to take photo's ( or need to obtain permission ) are generally indoors.

Shopping malls are wary of 'industrial esponage' so permission is needed. Concerts may have limitations, indoors sports events often need permission granting ( although ironically outdoors doesn't ). Kids are find to photograph but be warey, don't be sneaky around them and it's best to get parental permission.
When I went to Italy is was very common for churches, cathedrals, chapels, & museum's to disallow photography of any kind.
haha alright thanks guys. I want to take my camera everywhere, and I wouldnt want to not get in to an event that I am going to with a group of people. Guess I will be doing a lot of calling ahead of time.

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