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Sep 10, 2015
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A local camera store? Ebay? An Online retailer. Just getting back into all this I am full of questions and hope I am not being overbearing asking so many. But I need to buy some film. My local camera store and my schedule conflict. I use a handicapped scooter and my partner works all the hours they are open. And I need him to get the scooter out of our van. What do you think of buying film off of Ebay. Not a good selection I agree. What about an online retailer. Suggestions?
Have you checked out B&H Photo?
Adorama is another option. I usually get a 100' roll of Tri-X.
B&H and Adorama, as suggested. Amazon has film as well, though a lot of times, they are just listing items that are already on the other two sites. And sometimes there are really good deals on certain films, which usually means the film is going to expire in the next few months and they're trying to unload. I tend to get most of my film from B&H and Adorama.

Also look at Freestyle (http://www.freestylephoto.biz/) and Film Photography Project (Film Photography Project | An Internet Radio Show & On-Line Resource for Film Shooters Worldwide)

These days, there's not too much in brick and mortar stores, and what is there is a lot more expensive than what's online.
Local brick-n-mortar store. They stock 35mm and 120, and can order 4x5.
I can get it from my local camera shop but I buy in bulk 100 feet motion picture stock and more and roll my own at the moment I have 100 feet of Orwo un54 and 300 feet of Eastmans double X plus about 80 feet of Kodak ortho
The feasibility of keeping yourself stocked by buying locally at brick and mortar stores depends on what is "local." Gary is in the UK and lives near a well-stocked shop. I live in the metro NY area and could technically shop at B&H's brick and mortar shop, but I'm not going to schlep an hour on the train just for a few rolls of film, so I order online. If you're living in a small town in the US or somewhere in Europe farther from an urban center, and chances are brick and mortar might not be your best option.
Nope, no stores close to me. There is a regional/in-state chain but a bit of a drive and so-so on film photography/darkroom supplies. I buy from Adorama, Freestyle, FPP, or B&H (who supposedly has quite the cold storage area for film). I've also bought sometimes from Midwest Photo Exchange and the Columbus Camera Exchange.

The thing with Amazon is that it can be much like ebay where anyone can list anything they want, depends on if Amazon stores/ships it or if the seller does. I've sometimes bought from a reputable seller thru Amazon.
B&H, Amazon, Film Photo Project, Precision Camera, Holland Photo Imaging
I prefer a brick and mortar but sometimes it's not possible due to my being handicapped. I ended up placing an order with B&H.

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