where there's a harmonica


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Nov 6, 2007
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good times will be had!

c/c please

the shadow from the flash is very harsh.

also we do neither see the face nor really the harmonica.
Maybe this perspective is not an easy one. but at least unusual.
i cant explain why, but i love this picture. i love the shadows and i love how little we see of his face. the only thing i dont like is how long his fingernails look...
actually, something very silly happens to me when looking at it... please forgive me ... but this is just me.

I see a green face when looking at the centre where those two buttons are .... almost like a cartoon character or someone from the Muppets (without a mouth and nose though).
now i just saw the other arm becoming a whale ... or maybe a hippo ..
at first i didnt see it at all, and now i do.

what a strange green shirt he's wearing!
And I thought it was my medication or my cheese which made me see things ;)
I like the color of the wall. The flash is harsh, the angle also makes it a bit difficult to look at but I don't see those as bad things. In fact, it just makes me want to look at it longer. Cool shot.

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