which camera should i get?


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Aug 22, 2010
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Hello everyone! Im new here, and have a couple of questions. I am new to photography, its always been a passion of mine, but ive never gotten my hands on a dslr camera, and dont know a lot of the basics yet. Just recently, though i decided that i would like to make it a career and I am enrolled in the art institute of Pittsburg! Im really excited to learn everything, but since im such a novice, im kinda confused as to what kind of camera I should get. Im leaning towards the Nikon D5000 but i have also heard that canons are really good. I need something thats good quality, rugged, hardy, and affordable. I'll be getting a sizable grant to cover the cost of my equipment, but i dont want to blow it all just on my camera. any suggestions?
"Ive never gotten my hands on a dslr camera"

This is the first step and your worst problem. Go out to the store, hold as many cameras as possible, Nikon and Canon. Choose whichever feels most comfortable in your hands. Photography is a wonderful, exciting world. You're going to enjoy it if you know your limitations and, most important, stick around here :greenpbl:. If youre getting the D5000, you should just save a tad more and get the new D3100. The D5000 is a great camera, none-the-less. No one can tell you which camera, or brand you should get. Get whichever you can afford, the best bang for your buck, and feels good in your hands. Both Nikon and Canon have their good things and their bad. Research them before you buy anything. Lets just say, I shoot Nikon. :thumbsup:

Keep shooting, welcome to the forum!

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