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Which do you like better?


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Nov 26, 2005
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so i was at my aunt's house, and she has this 94 corvette that she never drives and keeps covered since it's such a nice car. so i decided to snap some shots of it. which of these do you like better?


I'd say the second one, because the Corvette symbol is more obvious, and the curb and grass/brush in the background aren't distracting.

Overall, the scene needs something more. It's not really something that would keep my attention. A different angle, maybe (lower, probably)...more interesting lighting..a good bump in contrast...I think mostly I'm just not a fan of the protective cover...I dunno.

Anyway..keep shootin, slick! I haven't seen many of your pic posts! :D I'd like to see more! :D
core_17 said:
Anyway..keep shootin, slick! I haven't seen many of your pic posts! :D I'd like to see more! :D

aw thanks core! i haven't had time to shoot much lately (curse you, education system!!!). and i haven't had time to be on chat lately either! it makes me sad :(

well thanks for your feedback!
Well. The car will not be interesting at all without that cover off. If you ahdn't toild me what it was I could've assumed it was a Pinto with nice rims. Right now it is really blah. No new angle will make it look nicer. Maybe shooting only the tire would help since the logo is evident, and you will see the textures and designs of the rims without being distracted by that cover.
i also vote for the second one.
i think it is better without bushes in the background.
better corner in one word.
i would have added some blood on a sheet.

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