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Nov 28, 2007
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I have an XTi with a 17-84 f/4-5.6 and I'm looking for a faster lens to do some indoor low light work with. I would like to keep it under $500 if possible - other than the 50mm f/1.8 has anyone had good experiences with other lenses? I would prefer a zoom lens with something a little higher than 50mm since if I'm shooting from across a room that won't quite give me enough range - or will it?
depending on the size of the room50mm should be fine. Are you talking about a cafeteria sized room or a classroom sized room.
cafeteria sized room
50mm F1.8 - built cheap but inexpensive, great glass.
85mm F1.8 - Built better, good price, great glass.

70-200 F4 L (with or without IS) - Top quality all around, fantastic lens...max aperture is a bit small
70-200 F2.8 (with or without IS) - Top quality all around, fantastic lens...big & heavy, rather expensive.
Sigma 70-200 F2.8 - Good price (for an F2.8 zoom), big and heavy.
The 100mm f2 is the twin of the 85mm f1.8 in terms of build quality and image quality.

135mm f2L is one of my favorites.. this is an amazing lens. At $900 USD it is a bit over your budget but relative bargain in the Canon L line.

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