Which one looks better? Is this savable?


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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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Beach photos this morning....
when I say morning I mean like 930am. Too bright already
BP workers were everywhere. blah


first looks better to me too.
gotta brighten up that kids arm though...looks like frostbite.
Yes, it is salvageable. Image>Adjust>Variations>SHADOWS>Lighter.

Selective color, blues, darker.

Yes, I had an assistant holding the reflector only with the inside part above them because if not the shadows were seriously half faces, and if we turned any other way, BP oil spill bright orange vest workers were in the way.
So it was not being used as a reflector but more like a diffuser? if that makes sense?

Derrel thank you I'm going to try that! thank thank you so much
ok I got all excited and now if I go to image there is no adjust and what is selective color, blues darker? lol

do you mean do all this in levels?
I think the kid is better looking.

Oh wait.. you meant the images?
You need to update your signature, add shadow or dark outline around it. That way you can always read the signature doesnt matter if it is dark or light aroudn the signature.

I think #4 doesnt work as a group shot, I would make it 2 images. One is the lady and the girl, the other is just the 2 boys. Just make a duplicate and crop it twice.

Fill light would be nice on some of these shots
yea, I just mass process these in Photoshop (to shrink them, and resize them, bring them to 72 dpi) so I don't even know how to put my siggie on a bunch at one time, I guess I should figure that out....

The thing is the red lady has the two kids, the girl and the blond boy, then the black lady has only one kid, the boy closes to her.

Oh well.
time to get Photoshop LR3. I know how to do it on photoshop CS4 but freaking complicated process with actions.

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