Which treatment do you prefer?

Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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I prefer #1. It has a more natural vintage look to it. Silver tone, detail, and excellent composition. In #2, with highlight protection applied, caused halo effect in sky around edges.

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I prefer the V.I.P. treatment...
In this case though, I like photo #1 more, for the reasons JC mentioned above.
#1 is my choice. It has a nice classic look and feel to it. The picture is timeless.
#1 is really nice.
Thanks all for your responses.

Looks like we are all in agreement. #2 brought out more detail but it looked "off" to me but I could not put my finger on it. JC showed me the light.
#2 makes me want to die.
# 1 for me

On # 2 the smoke looked weird. The blacks are no longer black but more of a dark grey. And then the trees look like it was taken more with a Full Spectrum camera then a regular camera.

I'm curious what it looks like with the right and bottom cropped up a bit while still keeping the Private Property sign which would enlarge the choo-choo and preserve your leading line with the tracks.
Now hold on just a second, partner...

If you are going for a more realistic look, then yeah #1 is your guy. But, #2 has an artistic quality to it that makes it look like a pencil drawing, and I LOVE that. Don't forget that photography is as much art as it is trying to catch a realistic shot!

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