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Jan 1, 2008
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Hello I am somewhat new to shooting with a digital SLR. I am currently reading "Digital Wedding Photography" by Glen Johnson. They are talking about a piece of equipment for extreme white balance called an Expodisc. Has anyone ever heard of this or used it? I am wondering if this is something I should invest in or could do without. In someways I feel like it will be one more thing to worry about and possibly cause me to miss a key moment in my future wedding photography events.

Any feedback would be great!

Thanx in advance!
I have one and, use it but, not all the time. It works rather well but, I still use a gray card as well. I like it when I use it though but, if you dont want the extra expense Id use a standard card.
If you don't want the extra expense why not shoot in RAW and adjust your whitebalance manually during post processing.

I have never once seen an automated solution that has worked well. Photographing a colour reference chart is fine, but that's not automated.

Grab some grey cards, shoot in RAW, and forget the gimmicks.

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