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Dec 13, 2008
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I just got a large sum (about $3,000) to spend. I want to look at some new camera equipment, and want some help making decisions.
I am looking for a new mid zoom, one speciality lens, and a tripod. My current gear is in the sig, but the tripod is ruined. Any thing is acceptable. By specialty, I am looking for portraits. Thanks alot.
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send me $1000 for a DSLR?? lol just a thought! haha you dont have to answer right now, just sleep on it and get back to me in the morning :)
Yeah. :lol: Any helpful suggestions?
I would say get a nice VERY wide lens, that would be pretty cool. the ones I have seen are VERY expensive. My teacher showed me one he tool and it was so wide angle you could see the front of his shoes in it! and it was an amazing picture! that would be pretty cool. that or maybe a fisheye? not many people have a use for them... but if you have the extra money why not? they are a lot of fun.

more helpful? haha then send the rest to me lol
So it really is a mid-zoom, tripod and portrait lens I am asking for.

I am looking at a 17-55, or 24-70, something along Gitzo lines, but a specific choice would be nice, and the a portrait like the 105. Specifics and pro or cons are nice.
If you want wide go for the Sigma 10-20mm. Than get a nice Gitzo and a good head. That will leave you with about $1800. Then buy another lens like the 135 f/2
well midrange zoom you have your 70-200mm f2.8 Nikkor - so are you thinking more at the tele end (300mm+ zoom) or at the other end (70mmish and less?)

Also for picking new lenses I find the best way is to first thing about the specific use of the lens you will put it to - don't get a lens just cause (unless your loaded with cash ;)) have an idea of a use for it - that will help you choose the right lens and also make sure you get a lens you will use rather than one which just gets taken out every other decade.

As for fisheye lenses (As mentioned above) they are very specialist lenses - fun for a few hours, but the effect is not one everyone wants all the time.

for tripods you have a big budget so you could look to the Gitzo range of tripods - certainly you can't go wrong with them - you might even look at the carbon firbre options - note carbon fibre are lighter so good for traveling on foot - if your studio or always taking the car and not walking a regular tripod would be better (more weight means a lower centre of gravity when setup which means better stability.)

edit yah just go and post whilst I am posting and answer all the questions!!!!
as for a portrate lens the nikon 105mm macro VR might be a good choice for you - giving you a good portrate lens with VR as well as a lens that will let you do good macro work.
oh also I don't see a flash in your kit list - if you don't have agood speedlite flash now would be the time to get one!
Ok, by mid, I meant something to replace my 16-85. And by specialist I meant a good lens for portraits. What will be a good choice in gitzo?
Id say get the tokina 11-16 2.8 and a 24-70 2.8 and u got about $900 for ur tripod issues
I was using the 222, and someone hit it in a parking lot, snapping one of the legs.
Like I said, not wide so much as portrait.
24-70mm f2.8 is a good option for a portrate zoom lens - I know many wedding togs use it and its a good fast bit of glass for studio work - the 105mm f2.8 VR micro whilst good for macro and can double as a portrate lens might be a bit long for studio work (it just depends how you work)
i was thinking that with $3000 you could find a place for some wide angle tokina 11-16
you could save money and get a 35-70 AF 2.8 and have money for the 105 2.8 VR and for a new tripod

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