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Jul 19, 2011
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To anybody using wifi enable camera, or eye-fi memory card.

Do the wifi function require the existence of a local wifi network to transfer pictures from the camera to a tablet ? Or can they communicate on their own ?

I like the idea of editing pictures on the fly with my iPad Mini when out and about. I wonder if the wifi function would be useful or if I'll still need to use the card adapter to get the images. I have a Sony DSC-RX100 that I could return and exchange it for a RX100 M2.
The new Eye-Fi Mobi does not require a wifi network it makes it own wifi network that the tablet connects to.

As for the cameras I from what I have read they create their own wifi network that the tablet connects to.

One plus for the wifi enabled cameras is that you can actually control the camera from the mobile device, you cannot do this with a Eye-Fi card.

Another thing to be aware of with the Eye-Fi Mobi is that it does not transfer RAW files, I thik they have another one what will but I dont think it will create its own wifi connection. To me the not transferring RAW files to the ipad is not a deal breaker as the ipad cannot edit RAW files anyway.
Thanks ! That's all the info I needed !

Yeah I discovered the iPad forces us to shoot raw+jpeg in order to have any descent results.
Hi Kolia - it sounds like your question has been answered - but one more data point: I have a Panasonic GH3, and it creates its own network for my tablet to connect with - without the need for an external wi-fi network.

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I use the Eye-Fi 8GB Pro X2 with my D7100 and previous D7000 - It just doesn't work as advertised for me with my iPad - it drops the WiFi connection regularly, anything larger than small jpegs take forever to transfer & 8GB with these new cameras is nothing - oh and even though it fit my D7000 it didn't fit my D7100 which they gladly sent a replacement - overall I give it a 6 of 10 and I have it on Craigslist as I will give the WU-1A Nikon adaptor a try, with better softwate & camera controls - hopefully it's better but I'm still skeptical !!!
Thanks for the feed back.

How useful do you find the wifi feature ? Is it worth spending an extra 100$ on a camera ?
To be honest, I thought it was a gimmick at first - but it has become a must-have. The GH3 has essentially become my very high quality "camera phone". And, as a video guy, for self-portraits and remote shooting, I can put myself in the right place in the frame by looking at a 7" tablet I'm holding in my hands. I love the GH3's front facing 3.5" swivel LCD, but it is impossible to see detail from several feet away.

Once I'm framed properly, I can start the camera when I'm ready to roll (sadly, the GH3 doesn't allow live monitoring or remote shutoff of video, so I have to walk over the the camera to end the shot, but I'm hoping they fix this with a future firmware upgrade).

Again, hope this is helpful,

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