Will we ever be tired of Senior Portraits?

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Mar 10, 2008
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Seems unlikely. So here's some more! I actually took these quite a long while ago. not sure why I never got around to editing all the shots. I liked working with the girl, but she has those bangs that never stay out of her eyes. Oh well. Comments and crits welcome as always, folks. I know the second two are cheesy, but they sell, so why the heck not do them?


I really like the background in the first two and really don't like the background in the second two. And I'd rather see the first two in color and remove the weird-stripclub-creep-quality-purple lighting in the second two...

Nice work.
Those are nice.. Nice props, and amazingly, her smile is the exact same in all four pictures. I have never seen that.

She must have been very happy with those.
I really like the first 2, the last two, the back ground is distracting for me. Nice shots overall though.
I quite like the metallic background, it's not that distracting.
The last two seem like a leftover background from some "Just Say No" after school special. First two, the second especially, are great.

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