Windmill at dusk


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Feb 16, 2006
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The Maud Foster windmill of 1819, at Boston, Lincolnshire, seen at dusk. When it was built it was one of a dozen in the town. Now its sails are the only ones that remain turning.


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That's beautiful.
I love the reflections in the windows.

Actually, I think that is the best part of this shot. Anything that is remotely sunset related ends up with the foreground black and almost completely opaque to a casual viewing, whereas this has plenty of foreground detail to go at. Nice result Tony.

Now, if you can just get them to pary their cars out of the shot next time... :lol:
im trying ot do more of these type of shots(break at evening type thing)
Thanks Dani, Chris, edtek & SpaceNut. It was hard to meter for, and needed some PP, but it came out reasonably. The hardest thing with shots like these is how much detail to show in the shadows.

Regards, Tony
How lucky you were that some people had already switched the lights on inside their homes! Thus the windows get a glow, and again lucky for you (or good of you to SPOT it, that is more like it!!!) that the lights have about the same colour as the sky does. Well, I think you will remain my composition-hero for yet another while.

Now what can or must I do to get you over to Germany for that meet-up so we can meet in person at last?????????

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